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passenger elevator lift types suppliers price for sale

Drive Type: Traction VVVF Driving Control Mode: Selective Collective Control Control System: (32-Bit Microprocessor) Monarch, Step Traction Machine: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Motor Door Operator: VVVF drive operator (Panasonic)technology, which great improves the operation efficiency.

    Passenger elevator series of United Elevator

    Efficient, accurate, comfortable, stable.

      Gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine

      • Selection of rare earth materials, with outer rotor structure, driving by permanent magnet synchronous motor, canceling sub-turbine rod drive in structure, and full combination of co-axial transmission technology, digital frequency conversion technology and group computer integrated control technology, which great improves the operation efficiency.

      • It has energy-saving and environmental protection, space-saving, passenger comfort and other performance advantages.

      VVVF frequency conversion door machine system

      • Constant torque characteristic and unique curve running state can smoothly adjust the elevator speed and greatly improve the comfort of the elevator operation, the level accuracy and operating noise.

      • The design of the door machine system will not affect the height of the car, the whole system is safe and reliable, running smoothly.

      Quick Details

      Drive Type: Traction VVVF Driving Control Mode: Selective Collective Control

      Control System: (32-Bit Microprocessor) Monarch, Step

      Traction Machine: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Motor

      Door Operator: VVVF drive operator (Panasonic)


      1. Stable and reliable protection device

      2. Highly efficient control system

      3. Intelligent passenger experience

      4. Energy saving and environmental protection

      Packaging & Delivery

      Packaging Details: Seaworthy wooden case and bundle in container by sea or by train

      Delivery Detail: 40 days upon down payment and signed documents

      Terms of payment: L/C, T/T

      1. 30% deposit of the total amount by T/T in advance

      2. Balance to be in the seller’s account before delivery


      We provide spare parts for free for 18 months if it’s not the human error or man-made damage. Your maintenance work get secured.

    New generation landing door device

    United elevator firstly apply the new generation landing door device in the indurstry.which prevent safety lock from slippery, landing door bump, landing door unusual opening. The three new safety standards redefine the safety.

    The screen door protection system

    Form light barrier in the elevator door with 194 infrared beam protection, it can make sensitive response to any person or object accessing in its detection plane with high security performance.

    Emergency stop device

    When the power failure causes the passengers being trapped in the elevator, the device automatically switches to the emergency operation. The elevator will stop on the nearest level with the battery and automatically open the door to release trapped passengers.

    Safety supervision system in elevator

    Each maintenance service network station of United Elevator makes real-time supervision over elevator in operation through reserved intelligent system interface (remote supervision interface); exclude malfunction before occurrence to guarantee 24-hour and 365-day safe and reliable operation of elevator.

    New generation of advanced control system

    32-bit industrial ARM controller with high level of performance; precise speed signal with outstanding comfort;

    Combine all digital vectors inverter, make self-diagnosis and record through feedback to ensure efficiency and safety of elevator;

    Perfect safety protection measures, be able to find emergencies and make corresponding protective measures when there is emergency arising to ensure safe and reliable operation;

    Strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, strong antistatic electricity ability.

    Digital converter technology

    Make adjustment over current and phase according to practical load and speed of lift car, Make real-time and precise control over driving force of main machine to ensure safe and stable elevator operation.

    Intelligent management system

    IC card intelligent recognition system and authority management function achieves perfect combination of elevator control technology and computer communication technology, which greatly strengthen the security and intelligence of building management.

    Permanent magnet synchronous gearlesssystem

    Low heat loss and minimum operation cost, work efficiency is as high as 95%, 40% of energy saving compare with conventional technology. At the same time without the need for complex lubrication system, completely solved the problem of environmental pollution caused by the leakage of the traditional machine, and met the requirement of non-maintenance of motor and environmental protection.

    Energy feedback device

    Collect and store electric energy of no-load operation of elevator and then make feedback to elevator (electric mode) for use, saving more than 60% energy for elevator.

    LED automatic illumination system

    Adopt LED lamp, saving more than 85% energy compared with traditional incandescent light bulb and fluorescent lamp; at the meantime, after certain period with no call and waiting command, the illumination inside lift car will be automatically turned off, reaching the purpose of energy conservation.

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